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2000-Hour Volunteer Award

The goal of the 2000-Hour Volunteer Award is for the RRCA to recognize and shine a spotlight on individuals that have volunteered over 2000-hours of their time, over a period of time, to the sport of running. The 2000-Hour Volunteer Award also known as the Browning Ross Spirit of the RRCA Award was created to honor the memory of one of the RRCA’s founding members, Browning Ross.

The award honors an unsung hero and a person that champions the RRCA along with their local club or event “tirelessly and with enthusiasm.”

We now have 3 members that have earned the prodigious award.

Congratulations and THANK YOU all for your effort in help making the

Florida Striders the best we can be...



Ken Bendy 2010    

Mike Mayes 2023    

Bill Krause 2023    

Vanessa Boyd - Long Time Strider Died

To all our friends in the running community,

Vanessa Boyd passed away the morning of Wednesday, April 13, 2022. She was a great friend, supporter, and volunteer for the Florida Striders. At this time, we have no information regarding any type of memorial service. In order to accurately provide information, we are simply forwarding the following letter received from her husband, Bob Boyd.

"Dear Friends and Family,

Your love, support, and prayers have been wonderful for both Vanessa and I, making our lives and our challenge infinitely easier. While we did not win this battle with cancer, as Vanessa passed Wednesday morning about 6:45, she was at home, enveloped in love, was comfortable, peaceful, and passed gently and quietly in what very much seemed like the time and place of her choosing given the conditions. Vanessa's aphasia had been increasing, but Tuesday, 4/5, Vanessa had a seizure at home which resulted in being admitted to a nearby in-patient hospice center so that we could be assured that future seizures could be quickly controlled. Vanessa was not ever able to really speak again, but was still able to answer questions and, we discovered, able to write some, at least through Thursday. She, and we, had a wonderful time Thursday afternoon with our family and there was some clear elation, especially from Vanessa, when we finally figured out the message she had been trying to communicate thanks to a bit of handwriting. So heart warming. So as not to keep you wondering, she wanted us to give her the tumor reduction drugs! Unfortunately, something happened that Vanessa, while still able to communicate with nods and facial expressions, was not able to eat or drink again after Thursday. As Vanessa wished, we were able to bring her home Saturday evening. Some truly priceless moments were shared that included getting to hold and be held by Vanessa, and many gentle feelings and expressions of love. You all know how beautiful Vanessa was, both her spirit and form. My heart is breaking, and I know yours are too, yet we are grateful for the countless prayers, positive thoughts, energy, cards, calls, visits, flowers, rides, delicious food, empathetic and caring health care, and especially love that continue to be priceless gifts and appreciated. This is indeed hard, but you have all made this ever so much better for both Vanessa and I. I do not believe I will ever be able to express adequately how much each of you and your support mean to us and are appreciated. Thank you. Love you.

We have much to figure out regarding memorial service arrangements. I need to learn a lot of skills to allow me to be self sufficient in the many areas that Vanessa was handling so gracefully for both of us previously, but that will come in time. I will share that Vanessa decided to donate her body to science. We would request that, in lieu of flowers, that, if you wish, you honor Vanessa with a donation to either your favorite cause, or one of hers. Vanessa was a coordinator of the Florida Strider's Children's Running Program for many years, and her support continued long after her retirement from that position. Checks for that program could be sent to Florida Striders, and mailed to Bill Krause, 3041 Bridlewood Lane, Jacksonville, FL 32257. The Florida Striders are a 501c3 organization. Vanessa has also been a long time supporter of Friends of Acadia, PO Box 45, Bar Harbor, ME 04609 or Similarly, the Alzheimer's Foundation,, or the Foundation Fighting Blindness, And, of course, the American Cancer Society, Wherever your heart leads you will be perfect. With love, gratitude, and our thanks."

RRCA Convention in Orlando 2021

Orlando RRCA Convention April 15-18 2021

We had a small contingent at this year's convention. Sara and Jon Guthrie, Shelly and Dave Allen and Mae Barker and Zach Hanna and family.

Looks like everyone is having a good time. Hope they bring back some information and new ideas for our club.

"Strider Spotlight"

Tracy Armon being recognized as "Super Volunteer"

Bob Carr - Longtime Coach and Runner Dies


September23,1928-November9, 2014






RobertEdward"Bob"Carr,86diedatBaileyFamilyCenterforCaringSunday,St.Augustine,FLNovember9th.BobwasborninTrenton,NJonSeptember23,1928toSadieAdamsonandAlbertCarr.HejoinedtheUSNavyatage17andservedhiscountryadmirablyfor32years.HeretiredasaSeniorChiefBoatswain MateatMayportNavalStation,Jacksonville,FL.BobservedinWorldWarII,Korea,waspartofthefleetsenttoCubaaspartoftheCubanMissileCrises,servedinVietNamwherehetrainedand servedasaPBRboatCaptainworkingalongsidetheNavySEALsandlaterservedasaTugBoatCaptaininthePacific.


running.Atfirsthisroutinewasjustoncearoundtheblock,butitgrewfromthere.Bob'sloveofrunningspanned40+yearsandhecompletedhundredsofrunsandoftenusedthemastrainingforupcominghalforfullmarathons.Bobcompletedover100marathons(15wereBostonMarathonsalone).Bobaveragedbetween2,000and2,400milesayearbetweenruns,marathons,andtraining.BoblovedrunningwithapassionandwasamemberoftheJacksonvilleTrackClubandOrangeParkStridersClub.InconjunctionwiththeJTC,Bobfound himselfcoachingandworkingwith15-40runnersofallageseveryWednesdaynightatBollesSchoolwherehewasrespectfullyknownas"CoachCarr"or"Coach"for15years.BobwasalsoactiveinSt.Augustineandwasa"FoundingFather"oftheAncientCityRoadRunnersClub.BobhelpedorganizeandrancommunityrunssuchastheMatanzas,Gate RiverRunsandtheBridgeofLionsRuns.




E.Carr,Jr., daughterinlaw,IleneCarr,Orlando,andhisgrandson,ChadG.BurkeandwifeMaryGlennBurke,OrlandoandniecesandnephewPat,Linda,JamesandJoannDavidson.

Frank Frazier donated a whopping 100 gallons of blood!

On September 4th Frank Frazier made the news by completing his 100th gallon donation of blood. The picture here is of some of the people that were at The Blood Alliance that morning thanking him and taking care of him. They presented Frank with a cake, a certificate, a large umbrella and a very nice Visa gift card. Being the modest guy he is he told them "I no longer feel like an amateur, more like a paid professional".

Carol MacDougall - Inspiring Healthy Students in Clay Today

Coach MacDougall was reconized for the fine work she has been doing for the Kids of North Florida - She's our hidden gem!

John "Terry" Sikes Struck And Killed By Fleeing Auto While Cycling

By Vic Micolucci, WJXT Mobile journalist 7/08/2013

2 men sought in Sunday crime wave that killed bicyclist, injured another man. More...

Striders Relay Their Way To New Guinness World Record

By Donna Deegan, First Coast News • 12/12/2010

The Florida Striders have done it again. For the second time in as many years, the track club has set a new world record; this time for the 100 x 5k relay... More...

A Penny Saved is ... a Party Fund

By MARK WOODS, The Times-Union • 10/18/2008

After finishing another run last Sunday morning, Frank Frazier found Jenny Allen in the parking lot of Sun Tire on Blanding Boulevard and handed her a couple of pennies.

The pennies had been on the ground, somewhere on a route that loops behind the Orange Park Mall, goes through some neighborhoods near the river and returns to the parking lot. More