Striders in the News

RRCA Convention in Orlando 2021

Orlando RRCA Convention April 15-18 2021

We had a small contingent at this year's convention. Sara and Jon Guthrie, Shelly and Dave Allen and Mae Barker and Zach Hanna and family.

Looks like everyone is having a good time. Hope they bring back some information and new ideas for our club.

"Strider Spotlight"

Tracy Armon being recognized as "Super Volunteer"

Bob Carr - Longtime Coach and Runner Dies


September23,1928-November9, 2014






RobertEdward"Bob"Carr,86diedatBaileyFamilyCenterforCaringSunday,St.Augustine,FLNovember9th.BobwasborninTrenton,NJonSeptember23,1928toSadieAdamsonandAlbertCarr.HejoinedtheUSNavyatage17andservedhiscountryadmirablyfor32years.HeretiredasaSeniorChiefBoatswain MateatMayportNavalStation,Jacksonville,FL.BobservedinWorldWarII,Korea,waspartofthefleetsenttoCubaaspartoftheCubanMissileCrises,servedinVietNamwherehetrainedand servedasaPBRboatCaptainworkingalongsidetheNavySEALsandlaterservedasaTugBoatCaptaininthePacific.


running.Atfirsthisroutinewasjustoncearoundtheblock,butitgrewfromthere.Bob'sloveofrunningspanned40+yearsandhecompletedhundredsofrunsandoftenusedthemastrainingforupcominghalforfullmarathons.Bobcompletedover100marathons(15wereBostonMarathonsalone).Bobaveragedbetween2,000and2,400milesayearbetweenruns,marathons,andtraining.BoblovedrunningwithapassionandwasamemberoftheJacksonvilleTrackClubandOrangeParkStridersClub.InconjunctionwiththeJTC,Bobfound himselfcoachingandworkingwith15-40runnersofallageseveryWednesdaynightatBollesSchoolwherehewasrespectfullyknownas"CoachCarr"or"Coach"for15years.BobwasalsoactiveinSt.Augustineandwasa"FoundingFather"oftheAncientCityRoadRunnersClub.BobhelpedorganizeandrancommunityrunssuchastheMatanzas,Gate RiverRunsandtheBridgeofLionsRuns.




E.Carr,Jr., daughterinlaw,IleneCarr,Orlando,andhisgrandson,ChadG.BurkeandwifeMaryGlennBurke,OrlandoandniecesandnephewPat,Linda,JamesandJoannDavidson.

Frank Frazier donated a whopping 100 gallons of blood!

On September 4th Frank Frazier made the news by completing his 100th gallon donation of blood. The picture here is of some of the people that were at The Blood Alliance that morning thanking him and taking care of him. They presented Frank with a cake, a certificate, a large umbrella and a very nice Visa gift card. Being the modest guy he is he told them "I no longer feel like an amateur, more like a paid professional".

We have a NEW Graphic Designer!

Her name is Nancy Harms.

Tori Connell Conkle our Graphic Designer is leaving.

On (6/10/14) at the June Board of Directors meeting Tori Connell Conkle after 7+ years as our Graphic Designer is shown above accepting a plaque and gift card as a "thank you" for her many years of service. Tori will be leaving us and following her mom's footsteps and joining the Army as an officer.

Congratulations from your Florida Strider family and best of luck in the future!

Carol MacDougall - Inspiring Healthy Students in Clay Today

Coach MacDougall was reconized for the fine work she has been doing for the Kids of North Florida - She's our hidden gem!

John "Terry" Sikes Struck And Killed By Fleeing Auto While Cycling

By Vic Micolucci, WJXT Mobile journalist 7/08/2013

2 men sought in Sunday crime wave that killed bicyclist, injured another man. More...

Strider Person Coordinator Al Saffer Honored For 60 Years With JEA

By Steve Patterson, Florida Times Union • 2/16/2013

Jacksonville has changed a lot since 1952, but one thing stayed the same year after year. Al Saffer kept working for the city's electric utility. For 60 years.  More

Striders Relay Their Way To New Guinness World Record

By Donna Deegan, First Coast News • 12/12/2010

The Florida Striders have done it again. For the second time in as many years, the track club has set a new world record; this time for the 100 x 5k relay... More...